How To Find A Good WordPress Care Plan

WordPress sites need constant maintenance in order to stay relevant and successful. They usually display businesses creatively and need to be updated regularly. The updates can include a variety of innovations concerning content or design, or more technical issues. SEO tools come in handy, as well as, plugins, and safety measures. Your WordPress care plan should include all of the aforementioned. Here are some additional suggestions.

Types of Plans

Sunny HQ offers three distinct WordPress care plans which can fit any of your needs and budgets. Each of these care plans is custom made and are intended to make your site more efficient.

The first one is the SPF 50 plan which includes consultation, maintenance, updates, plugins, WordPress support, and enterprise-grade hosting. This is the primary plan constructed to keep you on the right track.

The next one is the SPF 75 plan which includes design, content support, help with SEO, Google integration, performance assessment, and in detail reviews and reports. This plan is more offers more straightforward services.

The last one is the Sunny HQ SPF 90 plan which includes a staggering 4 hours’ work on content and design, site optimization, additional tools and Google console, in-depth analysis, and strategic account managing.

Consistency and Availability are Important Factors

Your care plan should be able to consistently help your WordPress page improve. There should definitively be active human monitoring and intervention. Other than that, you will need constant availability. This is especially true if any unpredicted problems occur.

List of Care Plan Tasks

Here is an overall list of most important maintenance issues which care plans should usually include.

wordpress planning

Core updates include general security updates and any problems regarding software functioning. It will keep your files safe and is most frequently performed.

Theme updates, as the name implies, have to do with updating your site’s theme and keeping it relevant. These updates are also frequently performed.

Plugin updates usually have to do with the overall functioning of your WordPress. It will make sure that your site is running properly and at a good pace.

Other Services

Other important tasks will include any support task, content updates, SEO tools and management and website performance assessment.

Benefits of Having a WordPress Care Plan

The first benefit is obvious. It has to do with an efficient way of keeping your business afloat. This means that you will be able to keep your business thriving by investing in its maintenance and updating. In an online world, there is nothing more important than keeping up with your competition.

Another benefit is that you will have a group of professionals to consult on important business ideas. This can help you gain insight into your own business and help you see the bigger picture. It is a great benefit in the long haul.

An immediate benefit is getting to save your time and money. You can have your choice of care plan since they are custom made. This benefit will help you spend less and achieve more.